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In 2018, we were fortunate enough to be named as a finalist in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Out of over 200 nominations, we made the top three in the Customer Service category. To say we were humbled would be an understatement. We never thought a hubby and wife team, only a few years in business would be counted as among the best in such a broad and competitive field. We have always had dreams bigger than experience, but we have led with an unrelenting drive, a soft heart and a firm belief that we can make a difference in our industry.

Customer service has always been the lifeblood of our company so to be able to discuss our innovative, client centred approach was an amazing opportunity. We have spent hours upon hours picking through the customer experience and identifying the opportunities to deliver an 11/10 experience. We’ve adapted emerging technology to suit our needs, everything from becoming a paperless company to incorporating GPS tracking into our customer communication systems. We’ve developed original educational content for our clients and devote countless to ongoing professional development.  

Another important part of the awards process was recognizing our dedication to our community. To this day we don’t know of another business of our size that donates their time, money and spirit like we do. We’ve donated thousands of dollars to charity, participated in the Vinnies CEO sleepout and developed ongoing partnerships with local not for profit organisations.


The thing that made this such a special moment for us was the fact that we got to celebrate it with our clients and our community – after all they have always been at the heart of our company and to share such an amazing opportunity with people that have selflessly supported, meant more to us than any award ever could.   


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