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Our Method of Operating:

Business models are a common part of any corporation. What’s Uncommon is having an original, one-of-a-kind, legally trademarked business framework. Our CULTURE – SERVICE – SOUL Method of Operating embodies what we do and how we do it. It is the foundation upon which we have built Uncommon Electricians and is an integral part of how we approach work, business and life. 


How many tradies can say that they’re a better person because of their workplace? How many workplaces invest more budget into personal development than any other part of their business? If it sounds pretty Uncommon, that’s because it is. Trade companies are notorious for high levels of fatigue, burnout and workplace injuries. At Uncommon, our workplace culture is our oxygen. We offer personal and professional development courses and individualised goal setting. We help our team learn about themselves and each other on a level many have never done before. Our team building and staff perks packages have to be seen to be believed. But it’s not just about bells and whistles, it’s about recognising that we are a team of individuals and making sure that everyone knows their place and value. The most powerful thing on this planet is people. These days more than ever, we need leadership around this in the workplace and beyond.   


Excellence has always been part of the woodwork here at Uncommon. Just about every day we hear stories of electricians cutting corners and practicing unsafe work methods. In a profession where you are protecting the safety of someone’s family – that simply isn’t good enough. Our commitment to excellence starts with our approach to recruitment, onboarding and staff training. We put prospective employees through their paces before they even start, and if they don’t measure up, they don’t make the team. Every worker undergoes an intensive induction process and mandatory training schedule. We identify each person’s unique skill profile and tailor make training programs for them. On the job, we have additional safety inspections and quality reports that each electrician must complete as mandatory performance indicators. We liaise regularly with Master Electricians and have voluntary safety audits conducted by the Electrical Safety Office. When it comes to quality of service, we set the bar extremely high and we simply won’t accept anything less.  


This is where we step outside our company and look at the bigger picture. We pondered the terminology for a while, but kept coming back to the word – soul. There is really no other way of describing the emotional and professional energy that drives us to seek impact and make change. Through our Uncommoner’s Club, we learn about our clients and telling their stories so we can learn about each other. Through our Uncommon Kids™ initiative, we empower the next generation and help them see that their dreams are within reach, every when they’re told otherwise. We spread kindness in a way that showcases our message – that what we all have most in common, is the fact that we are all Uncommon, and that our differences make us collectively stronger if we lean into them. The soul of our company merges leadership, integrity and creativity and is embodied through the development of our Chief Soul Officer position. It’s a first for any company that we know of and possibly the most integral role of all. 

CULTURE – SERVICE – SOUL™ is an innovative approach to streamline and strategise the inner workings of Uncommon Electricians. We have established a new benchmark for company culture in Ipswich and possibly much, much broader. We will continue to push the boundaries, to do common things in an Uncommon way and to challenge what we expect from ourselves and our company.  

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