Empowering Your Peace of Mind: Discover the Ajax Security System with Uncommon Electricians

A set of white Ajax home security devices including motion detectors, control panel, siren, and keypad.

Empowering Your Peace Of Mind: Discover The Ajax Security System With Uncommon Electricians At Uncommon Electricians, we understand that home security is more than just a precaution; it’s about creating a haven where you can thrive without worry. In an era where uncertainties prevail, finding a security solution that goes beyond the ordinary is critical. […]

Young Business Person of the Year 2022 – Ipswich Business Excellence Awards

A man holding an award in front of a wall.

  One of the highlights of our business journey took place in November, 2022 when our fearless leader and Commander in Chief Corey was named as Young Business Person of the Year, in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards. To say this was a humbling experience would be a massive understatement. This year’s […]

Uncommon Artwork Commission with Kye Lane

An aboriginal man proudly displaying an uncommon painting of a river.

As an Uncommon Electricians family, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land. The Traditional Owners of the Ipswich region are the Clans that identify […]

Uncommon Kids™

A man holding a sign for a little girl while working as an uncommon electrician.

Our Uncommon Kids Club initiative is possibly our favourite part of the company and a cause very close to our hearts. Sometimes through the eyes of a child, the world can seem like endless stream of boxes to tick, and not every child knows how to tick them. As a society we want kids to […]


An evocative black and white photo capturing the soulful essence of a man immersed in contemplation at a table.

Our Method of Operating: Business models are a common part of any corporation. What’s Uncommon is having an original, one-of-a-kind, legally trademarked business framework. Our CULTURE – SERVICE – SOUL Method of Operating embodies what we do and how we do it. It is the foundation upon which we have built Uncommon Electricians and is […]

Business Excellence Awards

A man and woman, who are Uncommon Electricians, standing next to each other holding an award.

In 2018, we were fortunate enough to be named as a finalist in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Out of over 200 nominations, we made the top three in the Customer Service category. To say we were humbled would be an understatement. We never thought a hubby and wife team, only a […]

Becoming Uncommon

A group of Local people standing next to a Reliable truck in a garage.

Our Journey from Chalk Electrical to Uncommon Electricians: It was September 2015. We were standing on the rocks, looking out over the ocean at Caloundra. No kids, minimal responsibilities – just a dream and a toolbox. Corey had been itching to start his own business for years and the timing just felt right. He gave […]